Available every day, it costs € 200 and includes equipment and video, and transportation to / from airport. "You're in an airplane at 10,000 feet high, and then you open the door ... feel the wind rushing ... ... look below and see the world. And you know the thing you're going to do is ... roll down in free fall "

Available every day. It costs € 40 and includes equipment and transportation. This is the most fun group activities, now a must Gnu meeting, where you will live six hours of fun and laughter with your fellow rafting down the rapids of the river Lao!

Available every day, it costs € 60 and includes equipment and transportation. If you're not feeling quite ready for the skydive, here's your chance to fly All you need to do is a little run from a hill 600 meters high and ... voila ', we take off (of course with all the safety measures necessary) and it flies right over the island of Dino!

date to establish. cost € 15. It 'easy and relaxing walk that takes you to the most beautiful view of the Pollino National Park, overlooking the Gulf of Policastro. Remember to bring a substantial amount of water, because the guide has for you only wine !!

Available every day, it costs € 50 and includes equipment and transportation. Praia a Mare and surroundings, especially the waters around the island of Dino, offer excellent slopes for all divers, from beginners to experts

date to establish.

 cost 10 € (the tour and 'free, the cost refers to the canoe rental). Guided tour by canoe to the lion's cave with landing at the pier and walk on Dino Island until Adina temple.

You can participate for free in all tournaments (except Zorb, € 8). To participate you just have to register as individuals or as a team, the desk you'll find in every beach. You will find all details on the program that will be delivered to your hotel or our app (available soon on iTunes and GooglePlay).

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